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I am not a banker, nor am I a lawyer, but I have taken on the system in working toward a business that requires the expertise of at least these two professionals, and at least a few others who would and could do things that even a banker or a lawyer wouldn’t have a clue … only because they don’t have the expertise.

So what’s the problem? The professionals themselves … and I’m certain that I’m no different, although I want to believe that I could be the one who would make a difference.

It was the very first day of the year 2009 and I had one of the most wonderful dreams that I have ever had in such a long time … and it was so realistic. While, I was turbo charged from the evening before, and the last day of 2008 with the thoughts of always wanting to ‘make something happen with this business’ … but, I’m not sure it had anything to do with radio, television or any purpose of business, but the business of this LIFE itself.

The important thing! I believe it to be a sign of things to come. I don’t want to get into the details or explicit nature of this dream even as it had nothing to do with anything sexually, but it did have everything to do with the meaningful relationships between not only myself, but that of a wonderful woman, whom, I do not even know … and a man, that I have no idea who he was or even knowing how he was involved with the relationship, aside from causing me to laugh uncontrollably, and introducing me this mystery woman, who I spent all day with, but who later turned and walked out of my LIFE, only to to return the next day with loving and open arms … because she said, “I cannot stop thinking about you and want to be in your LIFE.”

It may have been symbolic … since I had the feeling off ‘Being’ so totally in LOVE that it was an overwhelming feeling of becoming more complete upon her return … and then I woke up.

When I did wake up … I kept saying over and over, “That was one of the best dreams that I have ever had in such a long time.” And while I have had dreams of flying and those other feel good dreams, this ONE dream left me with that feeling of believing that ‘Good things’ were going to be … clearly in my future.

Perhaps it may have been inspired by a comment from Marlee Harrison who has constantly been as supportive from Indiana as have others like Dotty Albritton and numerous others, like Christine Daniel or Bill Santo as much as my wife Judi who have been following the slow progress of this ‘Radio Idea’ … but, as I responded to Marlee’s supportive e-mail about another Internet radio station, she made the comment, ‘Mason, don’t hang up the headphones yet … it’s going to happen.”

We started out more than two years ago and I’ve been believing that it will … and for even more than those two years, but it becomes a forever and a day effort to get these things accomplished. Just ask Christine or Judi when they hear me complaining. However, I say the same thing over and over again, when I look around and see so many possibilities while the ‘Splash of water bounces in slow motion’ at the top of that instantaneous ‘shot’ – knowing … there is more water flowing into the bucket (at least in my mind).

And even as it may seem as that I may be some bi-polar effects happening from the constant ups and downs of trying to get it ‘off the ground’ … it runs the gamut of any shock wave when it comes to setting off any explosion, or even creating one. For me, this is nothing new, its just recreating an industry in an economic period where most people can not take a chance of being involved unless it means they ‘Get their Cookie.’

My hypothalamus is pumping and the Dopamine levels are still not diminished. The Adrenaline may be a little low, but I refuse to believe that I’m not, STILL IN LOVE with the idea of believing there is something very exciting around the corner. I just may be needing to take a breather … until that mystery woman shows up, arm in arm with the man who seems to be a force who also believes the world may be in need of a GOOD laugh. For some reason … I think it had to do with the recreation of entertainment radio and our movie. Anyway, it’s what I want to believe … and it just made me feel that good. So I’m still not going to ‘Hang up the headphones’ just yet … but keep my eyes open for the People who will make the difference. That little droplet of water at the top … is just another ‘Moment in time.’

But, when those people come to me … when we’re on that upper level, I promise to be as nice as they were mean to me … and even be nicer by saying,“You’ve really got to make sure you pay your dues, so you can really appreciate all of that effort you’re putting into it … just in making it happen.” I’ll make sure that I’ll be the ‘first’ one to congratulate them on a ‘Job Well Done!”


Mason Ramsey