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Brick Wall 1 Neon Open Neon Tree Wagon 8Managing our goals, has truly been a monumental undertaking and yet here we are making a bit of progress!

If you are listening to the 24/7 ‘Signal’ … that in itself takes a tremendous amount of effort in keeping just the music itself in line with our format, which is also something else we contend with everyday. And when I saw ‘We’ … it falls to me, because after all, as I’ve been told; “this is your dream, and no one cares as much as you!”

While I

am in no way an engineer, I have had to grasp the intricacies of the “Who, What, When. Where and Why” of the links bridging the equipment to the stream, the computers, the providers, the technicalities and the myriad of a thousand possibilities that could make it ‘Go South!’ Silouette Woman Singing Larger Invoice Logo Red Black Canvased

Only, I’ve grown a little weary of the constant up and down issues. Our latest, is getting the web site itself under control enough to grow as it should. We are in need of an IT/ Web Manager who may be able to work in close relationship with myself, without becoming another one of the problems.

Our platform here is under the direct umbrella of another company, that is an accredited Florida NOT FOR PROFIT company awaiting its 501 c 3 designation from the IRS any day now, while we continue moving forward with our plans for FOR PROFIT terrestrial radio station right here in Ocala, Florida.

If you are someone who may be local in the Ocala area, and have the experience in web management … we sure could use the help. We have something wonderful in the making as we look to employ at least 24 individuals as a core staff, and growing beyond that number, only it takes a lot of planning and organization.

Having a likeminded staff of individuals from radio personalities, writers, producers, sales, marketing, promotions, graphics, IT/ Engineer, Web Manager and event coordinators will only ensure our success not only in the local market but in the regional and national markets as well.

Universal Neon 3While I realize not everyone may see the vision, but we do have wonderful opportunities for those who are looking to be associated with https://rockandrollheaven.net … we are far ahead of a great many in a so called ‘Start Up’ business with a lot of the leg work already completed. It will take a bit more effort, but like I said “there is a lot of the work already completed and it will take the dedication of those individuals to get it set into the already growing structure.”

I thought we had someone in the last few months who had the capability in seeing it through, only deciding that they believed it was not ‘sustainable’ and had to ultimately move on with their personal goals in life.

If you’re someone who may be able to help, I would welcome to hear from you, however … I am looking for team members who can show performance that will be as beneficial for them as it will be for our company. We are closer now than we have ever been to providing those around us with a fun and adventurous company.

For the moment, a great deal of the programming and other administrative duties have remained on my shoulders, as  my wife Judi and I continue piecing the company together. We have met many wonderful radio station owners and others in our quest after we moved our life and studios here in June of 2020 and are still pushing it out there everyday.

While I have been in the broadcasting and publishing industry for close to 50 years, I believe we’re just getting started. Yet, others may call it chasing ‘Lighting in the Bottle’ in trying to bring back a sound, and feel to radio that I believe is slowly emerging into a NEW CULTURAL MAINSTREAM – but, it is something that can be accomplished!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out via e-mail jstklsx@gmail.com or through my cell (352) 673-2195