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And, here you are, “right here … right now!” Unnamed 3

There is something in that concept that a lot of people will not understand … at first. However, when it does connect, it does change things, at least a little … at first.

If you have been listening to our radio signal or coming to our website, you know we have been going through a lot of ups and downs over time, but we have a lot of great aspirations in life and have been espousing that concept and phrase for the better part of two decades.

So, we (I) believe there are no accidents or coincidences and that things; happen for reasons we do not understand or grasp at any given time and therefore it all unfolds according to the universe … as long as I am not standing in the way.

The bottom line, we need people like you who love the music and enjoy our efforts in piecing things together. RockandRollHeaven.com

Unnamed 2While I personally have been in the broadcasting industry for 49 years, I still feel as if there is a great deal that needs to be accomplished, especially when it comes to a format that is as old as the waning days of Rock and Roll. Those ‘Hey Days’ of radio when it was actually fun to listen to and also be an interactive part of what an audience was experiencing as it was unfolding in real time.

It can be like that again, only ‘Corporate Radio’ has been slowly changing the landscape of a sound to meet its corporate profits, and it is and has been “tearing down the sound.”

But it’s not just the sound anymore, it is also the look and feel of a platform that a listener can not only enjoy, but can now also enjoy our sound, visually and educationally.

With that in mind, we welcome our new IT / Web Director Christian Townsend, who afterPxl 20231127 233300909.Night Scaled E1707151784665 our very long and arduous journey over the years have finally found Christian to be the right person here locally in Ocala, Florida who can help us … in not only maintaining the site/s but in its development as well.

While we hired others to help us on the maintenance and development, they proved to be those who did not have the enthusiasm, passion or attitude that it takes to ‘get the job done’ but now, we have Christian Townsend. With Christian’s involvement, we believe you will begin noticing the vast improvements in the site, and we couldn’t be happier … knowing that we have a professional who is taking our thoughts and concept and turning them into the visual look to match our sound.

Because we are a ‘Not for Profit’ 501 c3 through our parent company AMERICA’S COAST to COAST ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK (EIN # 37 – 2030589 – Fla # N21000004697) we have put a great deal of time and effort in creating this platform that will be beneficial in helping not only local charitable organizations, but those businesses who are equally engaged in helping those organizations in achieving that recognition through our platform.

If you would like to help us with a donation through our foundation, the money is a tax-deductible donation in support of our efforts in promoting those charitable organizations on this platform.

Unnamed 1

Sponsors who also donate to this platform will enjoy the same benefits, while their donations will also support those charitable organizations.

You can make a one-time donation or become a subscriber or patron through our PayPal account or buymeacoffee.com on the front page of RockandRollHeaven.com – we would love to add your name to our list of supporters.

Mason Ramsey



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