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Unnamed 4I wanted to take an opportunity to quickly remind people who listen to us here on JST KLSX, that; there will indeed be an upcoming special with Mike Clifford. Mike Clifford has had a career alongside many of the legendary rock and roll stars spanning decades of those ‘Wondrous Years’ of life that have defined so many of us.

We will be talking with Mike, who jokingly says; “Mason, I’m not Dead Yet … I’ve still got a lot of passion, music and LIFE … left in me!” In my conversations with Mike, I hear that enthusiasm and irreverent sense of humor, as he says; “Oh you sneaky bastard!” as he laughs because he finally catches on that the ‘tape is rolling.’

I believe the special will not only contain some of the great works of Mike Clifford, but will also highlight some of the other stars that have been a part of Mike’s LIFE – like Judy Garland or even Mae West. After all Mike was on American Bandstand and was also a part of Dick Clark’s Caravan of Stars on the Rock and Roll Tours. Those are memories that are worth bringing back … today.

While Mike and I are still conversing, most of you already know by now, that it takes me a little time in putting these specials together, but with the great stories of interaction in the life of an artist like Mike … I am sure it will be worth the wait.

I can see this special being defined by the same quality of stories and music that have already influenced a couple of generations, and Mike Clifford, while he may be on his last legs, (note the sarcasm) is not Dead …. Yet! From a guy who isn’t ready to give up the ghost — he still has plenty of great tunes left to bring to market … including a re-make of Bobby Darin’s, ‘Mack the Knife’ that was just recently recorded with a 40 piece orchestra. WOW! I can not wait to hear that tune, knowing that; with Mike’s vocal skills … it is going to be a very jazzy contemporary piece, and perfect for JST KLSX.

It is an artist like Mike Clifford who are responsible for those great memories when we hear tunes like, ‘Close to Cathy,’ ‘Danny’s Dream,’ ‘How to Murder Your Wife’ and other great tunes that will be in the special, or for even being remembered in his soap opera role. Those were the memories that bring a smile to ‘OUR’ minds. There are, lots of people who are still fans and want to find out more about Mike, the memories and asking the question; what is he doing these days? Now is the time to spread the word – “Hey! It’s MIKE CLIFFORD on JST KLSX!”

I am again honored to have an opportunity in bringing another special to http://www.rockandrollheaven.net/ that will give us a TIME in catching up with the past … today, and finding out what the future will hold – especially with another GREAT CLASSIC looming on the horizon. Well … I was talking about ‘Mack the Knife’ but I know Mike’s a real Classic too and I’m certain when this new version of ‘Mack the Knife’ becomes a future classic, it will be fun to see Mike performing for those audiences … not only from the past but from the future. Be watching for the time when we’ll air the special right here on JST KLSX.

Mason Ramsey

Tuesday, August 24, 2010 – (Originally Published)


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