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New Beginnings from an ICONIC PAST. It is mind boggling when a person can sit down and ‘give it a think’ on how things seem to come together, when they are so many of the mysterious and unknown possibilities in a near distant

1On Thursday the 15th of September Charlie DeGueso, II finally showed up at our studios with George Galfo (The Mystics) and Stan Prinston (The Flamingos) although living only fifteen miles from us, Charlie is listening to the ‘lying GPS Voice’ who slingshots them to Gainesville, Florida, while Richie Merrit (The Marcels) and Joe Rothenberger (Videographer) with our IT / WEB developer Joe, Angelina and wife Judi wait in the studios.

2While Ken Brady (The Casinos) was not able to make the first meeting, it was such an experience in coming together with these original Rock and Rollers to begin working on an AD Campaign that has already been in the works for more than a year it seems.

The musical talent and singing expertise of these legendary artists, only ensures the quality and professionalism of any project as being … nothing but a stellar project in the making!

From a primary perception in stepping back and looking in as I have done all my LIFE; watching the entertainment and publishing world slide by while rubbing briefly with ‘that world’ briefly on the edges is something that a lot of people do not have the opportunity to experience, and it is truly exciting3 to be an active participant.

Perhaps that is why I unconsciously wandered into the industry all those years ago, and slowly began ‘waking up’ over time only in realizing that people like Charlie DeGueso, II was walking some of those parallel lines when he mentions Dolly Parton and Mel Tillis who were the very first two artists, I brushed by on my first night in radio back in 1974.

4The same holds true not only with Richie Merrit, Stan Prinston and George Galfo but also Joe ‘Fozzy’ Angelina who just happens to also have some of those coincidental happenstances that seem oddly familiar in life, when he came to this planet in the same year as I started my own career but shares some of those ‘odd circumstances’ that are seemingly bringing people closer and together in the ‘Quantum World’ or as some people refer to it as the ‘Ether’ or in GOD’S alignment.

However, it is being perceived in our physical reality, once we begin to pay attention to those subtle connections, there is no mistaking that there is a greater plan afoot!5

I realize how much I enjoy the ‘MUSIC for the AGES’ that began even in those years when I was in the other ‘Womb’ and finally emerged into this ‘Room’ back in 1956. It is obvious these legendary artists who are in our Ocala, Florida studios have the same love, as it shows in their own passion and enthusiasm for LIFE and the music.

6The ‘Vibrational Frequencies’ and patterns of music are as harmonious as the ‘Nature’ of the world around us and even more so in the relationships that we encounter in
‘Space and Time.’ I apologize, but I just cannot help myself when I think about this world and LIFE that we are living in as it swirls around each of us … as individuals and, connecting with one another.

There are so many wonderful memories recorded in the ‘Akashic Records’ of the universe that bounce from the ‘Yin’ and ‘Yang’ and there’s no doubt; anyone and everyone who may be reading this may have missed out in ‘grasping’ all those times and experiences, each of us have lived through and experienced, whether they want to recognize it or not!

Yet, we can reach out and keep it ‘Center Stage’ from the past, present, and future in the ‘Great Awakening’ in raising our very own consciousness.

My wife Judi and I are honored to be in this new project with these well renowned artists, singers, and musicians as we continue keeping their music as part of our quest in bringing JST KLSX https://rockandrollheaven.net a 24 / 7 stream to greater heights in a new and emerging cultural mainstream.

Just remember this, in grasping our concept of embracing ‘MUSIC for the AGES’ for a newer and continuing generation of listeners “If you have never heard a tune from those days, it’s new to7 you!” The only thing anyone must try and embrace … is a primary perception and suspend any notion that the past is ‘the past’ … it’s

The ‘Past, Present and Future’ exists, at least from my perception … all at the same time! If you think about it … we are living it every single day of our lives … “Right Here … Right Now!” (See I told you!) The music is not as antiquated and or out of date as you may think.

We continue working on not only the music and programming, but also creative projects including promotional and charitable ventures that will give our company, station and programming the character and personality people are so longing for in the moment.

Feel free to reach out and send us any comments, suggestions or requests through our email, chat, studio line if you like. jstklsx@gmail.com – (352) 421-9733 – we would love to hear from each of you and hope you would love to be a part of a ‘Wonderful Dream’ that is unfolding daily.

“Feel the Spirit … and Catch the Feeling!”

“See Ya On The Radio!”

Mason Ramsey