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Ad2B2C3B 9Ce4 4550 A7B2 4179Bddd72F4When it comes to the ‘New World’ that we live in, we have to understand, even more so … today … the ‘Tricky Razor Blade / Dividing Line’ that we walk, when it comes to the ‘Human Behavior’ in ‘Reality.’ And believe me when I say this; “I do understand, the nature of this ‘New World” more than some realize, and have to also say; “While I do very much care, please don’t push me into any corners,” that will cause me to fall off the ‘Diplomatic Wagon’ and end up ‘Telling you just exactly what I think of your comments’ or ‘So Called Reasoning’ that comes ‘Spewing’ from your mouth like a broken sewer line within your own mind.

I guess it never seems to amaze me at how ‘Narrow Minded’ some people can be, or the fact that a lot of people do not have the ability to even ‘Read’ … not just between the lines of an article, audio or video in LIFE … or even a ‘Face to Face’ conversation that; is clearly in ‘Their’ face without realizing just how foolish they act or sound. And, I too have to be constantly reminded; I too may be giving off some of those same ‘Vibes’ in return. It is a tough one to juggle, while keeping your eye on the balls … especially your own!

In yet another phone call lasting more than an hour and a half on Thursday evening based on the concept and ideologies of the radio / entertainment industry … there is no one who is more keenly aware of those intricacies than myself … in not only trying to get a business started in a flailed economy where it seems that: no one has any money or are afraid to invest for any number of reasons. Yet, millions of dollars are being spent everyday on projects that are absolutely ludicrous, but those ‘Bucks’ are coming from those who are already on the inside of a very ‘Tightly’ controlled environment … at least from my opinion.

So here I am, speaking to this person who recently came back into my circle, from a relationship that began when I was ‘On the Radio’ during those days “Long Long Ago … In a Galaxy far Away” … offering so much praise, as being a ‘Mentor’ (Something I was Unaware Of) and being ‘One of the Best On Air Radio Personalities ‘they’ have ever heard,’ but very candidly calling me a ‘Sell Out’ and a ‘Radio Whore’ for not currently being ‘Live’ and offering up excuses on why I was playing twenty (20) year old jingles, and production with music that had no value to the station at all.

Granted, my concept and ideologies do come from that simple time, when I first landed a ‘Major Market’ job, nine (9) years after being in radio … but, as I have said many times before … it was that ‘Major Market’ where I adopted the real teachings of radio / entertainment, since it was my experience from the many programming, production, sales, marketing and promotion meetings that I was involved with … but, it was that same market that; gave me the real thirst, passion and desire for the love of being on the radio, and in the industry and from my real mentor, and where this other person also ‘Stepped into His First Radio Job’ calling me his mentor … that causes me to really question … “What the Hell Are You trying to Tell Me, that I am not Understanding?”

It was that ‘Time’ in ‘My LIFE’ that really opened my eyes to the real potential for being a ‘Real Part’ of something greater and far more exciting than the previous nine (9) years of being a radio talent. So no, it was not my first radio job, but it was my first ‘Major Market’ and it left an indelible mark on my LIFE.
I saw and still do see the ‘Abstract’ potential for doing so many things, that it is harder as my wife Judi puts it; “For others to see, and understand what you’re trying to accomplish.”

Only, I really never thought of ‘It’ being so ‘Abstract’ as others would label it ‘Brilliant’ while it remains to be so close to happening, and still so far from the ‘Mark’ that; It has become ‘My Fault’ for allowing ‘My Ego’ to get in the way. Honestly, I don’t think that I can disagree with that statement … after all; I have to believe, when asked: “Are you willing to go LIVE if I can get you on the air with a $15.00 microphone and a computer?” that; I would have to say, “No I am Not.”

My response came at shock to the person, who was unable to ‘Grasp’ the understanding that we have microphones that cost hundreds of dollars, with software that cost thousands of dollars, and a phone system alone that we paid a couple of grand for, not to realize … it’s more than … turning on a $15.00 mic and start talking. It is not what I want to do, or would even feel comfortable doing … because I know, it would not be to a standard of excellence that I can hear in my own mind … much less the success that I had while being in that ‘Major Market’ (and yes, there are superior and consistent ratings from Arbitron) that showed the ability as an ‘On Air’ talent to attract an audience ranging from teenagers to younger and older women and men.

While the comment, “Well, then you’re a sell out – radio whore, who is in it for only the money” came with a sting … although, it was one of the reasons that I began JST KLSX – http://www.RockandRollHeaven.net because; I could not make a living, even at $15.00 an hour twice a week with a major satellite network, unwilling to take notice of the so called “Ability to Attract An Audience.”

Even while I am still not making any money, and consistently losing money, while holding onto the dream of initiating that very ‘Comprehensive’ business plan into effect, while still spending countless hours of programming, doing production, creating artwork, marketing or in talking to people in hopes of seeing this company come alive … it has come at a tremendous cost.

While even trying to express those sentiments to this person, their response was; “I don’t care! Do You think that any of your listeners care? Your listeners only want one thing, and it’s the same thing that I want … I want to hear Mason Ramsey on the radio … and not the pre-recorded bull shit jingles and old commercials mixed with your favorite music! Any body can put their IPod on shuffle, so quit making excuses and turn on the microphones, because you don’t need a mixing board … you can be ‘On the Air’ tomorrow … if you want to be.”

So what do you say to something like that, when you know that even from the days long ago, this is not what you were doing?
There is nothing more in LIFE that I love doing more, than being able to sit down in a comfortable studio, putting on the headphones, taking phone calls from an audience, especially from people listening all across the country and; being able to not just Rock and Roll, but to feel the music and being able to have those listening … feeling the same thing.

There really is nothing like it … especially when you have a former boss like Bennie Williams (now deceased) who would walk into the studio and say; “Mason, here’s $500.00 in restaurant dinners for you to give away” or “I’ve got Season Tickets to Park City / Snow Bird Ski Resorts for you to give away!”

When you work with people like Bennie who was my mentor those many years ago, and nine (9) years after being in radio … that gave me the ‘Juice’ to ‘Feel’ something that I have never experienced before that time, and have since been unable to rid myself of … while continuing to work and revitalize that ‘TIME’ in today’s world. It’s something that I want to see happen. I lived it then, know that I have the capabilities of doing it again … and want very much to re-live that time … in today’s world. Why? Because it can be extremely enriching in more than a means of making a living.

I guess, when you’re running a business based on being a radio station, there’s so much more involved on so many more levels that it is hard for people to grasp … all of the elements surrounding not just the person ‘On the Air’ but the business of being in radio and entertainment. Although, it may only take one person who can make the difference … it does take those people like Bennie Williams who recognize how to ‘Give’ in order to get.

… Mainly because: When the ‘Spark’ is given and the passion is there … it is easily transferred to a listener who can ‘Feel the Energy’ from the very essence of the person ‘Cracking the Mic!’

I really do miss someone like Bennie who knew how to ‘Push a Man’s Buttons’ unlike another from that same time period, who also knows how to ‘Push a Man’s Buttons’ … even as encouraging as ‘They were Trying to Be’ … but for all the wrong reasons. Or who knows? … Maybe for the right reasons, that I still haven’t been able to see it for my own ‘Ignorant Blind Sided Ego.’

This is what I hope to gain from my experiences, and why I reached out to Bennie when I first thought I could return to making that future happen again, and when I first began to think about JST KLSX, but unfortunately was; too late in seeking Bennie’s advice or aid. Yet, my memories from that time, coupled with the experiences since, that time have all been of following that same philosophy and ideology. He was the man who ‘Inspired Me’ to believe that I really could be someone on the radio who could capture an audience … and showed me how back then.

However, “A Man’s Memory is all that stands between him and Chaos.” (Can’t remember who said it, but it was said.) Maybe it was a Russian named Korsokov or even another Russian Sergei Korsakoff who described it during the late 19th century as being a neurological disorder caused by a lack of thiamine (b1) in the brain, severe malnutrition or chronic alcohol abuse. And since I don’t really drink and not suffering from malnutrition … the only logical conclusion … is that perhaps … I need some more Vitamins to keep doing what I’m doing to make it happen … and to just stop listening to others. Then on the other hand … see the dilemma?

Although, when working to remain diplomatic in my responses, I really am glad that I was at least able to say, “Dude, if you want to buy a $15.00 Walmart microphone and do radio from your extensive music Ipod library … I think you should follow your dream.”

And now I laugh when it dawned on me that ‘This Person’ may have been speaking from a position of a more than a couple of ‘High Balls’ too many … only to have it again turned on me, “Mason, I want to hear you on the air! You’re One of the Best Radio People I Have Ever Heard, so turn on the Microphones!”

Isn’t that just one of the most screwed up things to deal with anymore? If there is any doubt as to the conversation … one need only speak to my wife Judi, who said; “Mason, it sounded like you were talking to your cousin.” (That, if you’re not aware; is the Devil’s Advocate … no matter what side of the fence you’re standing on.)

Or more simply put: “You are disturbing my piece of Mind!”

How’s that for an article?

Mason Ramsey

Monday, May 24, 2013 – (Originally Published)


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