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In deciphering radio, or entertainment in this crazy world: it really does remain subjective to the observer; and why I find it … squirrely!


I have been traversing a career that has been swinging like a Coney Island roller coaster ride which started more than twenty years before I ever realized: I was going to be riding those rickety rails.


There is not so much to broadcasting that it doesn’t remain inherently simple. But when the simple-ness becomes mired in the muck … because there are so many people to please … and to please not an audience, but a stagnate pool of broadcasting executives, who regale in turning a beautiful lake into a dead swamp, full of stagnate programming; it becomes infected with the cold blooded predators who thrive on those who wander through the terrain.


I think I have it figured out, but the main problem is not an audience … it happens to be the old guard who stand watch over the Corporate Wall of “Lets play it safe, and don’t rock the boat” for fear of falling out of the skiff, and into those murky waters.


Inasmuch as I feel as I have been cast aside by Corporate programmers, and labeled as “An Outsider,” “A Cantankerous Rebel” or “A Rogue Pirate” I have nothing but desire in accomplishing a program desirous of the ‘Masses’ across the World, who long for the ‘Good Ol’ Days of fun radio.


It can be done, when we establish a few Great Radio Stations willing to stand the course and stand behind a new wave and breed of the Old gents … who continue to hold onto a tried and true philosophy in spreading that freedom … while we ‘feel and blend’ the spirit of the greatest music in our Universe! I know it can be done … and with the faith … it will.