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Welcome To Rock And Roll Heaven

Welcome to Rock And Roll Heaven where the magic of our “MUSIC for the AGES” is forever expanding throughout the Universal Cosmos! We would love for you to join our vibrant community of like – minded music enthusiasts, friends, and fans as we breeze through a time of a rich tapestry in the music itself, from; the swinging 40’s … to the slick back 50’s, straight into the transitioning 60’s, the groovy 70’s, the ‘Hair’ rocking 80’s to an eclectic hits from the 90’s to “Right Here, Right Now!” While we might not play them all, we do play only the best of them. And, although you may not be able to “Put Your Finger on It, You Can … feel it! There’s something familiar about it!


Immerse yourself in a world where nostalgia meets stylishness. Our audio format and web platform are being meticulously designed to captivate your audio senses, in showcasing timeless tunes, while we continue to share a very charismatic history and memorabilia that defined each era. It is a work in progress! We want to share with you, the history of our world through ‘Time and Space’ as we transport ourselves through time continuing to blend the past with a very present day cultural mainstream shift. It is happening, you just have to hear and see it! We are celebrating those pioneers who paved the way for this extraordinary genre as we submerse ourselves in the rich history and evolution of music, from its birth in the mid – 1950s to its vibrant international presence today. Our passion for the music runs deep, as we continue building our digital museum in paying homage to those legends and lost legends who defied the conventions of their time, daring to shake up the world. Experience a music energy, the captivating melodies, and a rebellious spirit defining a new and emerging cultural mainstream ‘Right Here, Right Now!” With Rock And Roll Heaven … every moment becomes a legendary moment in time!

Experience the Culture

Catch the feeling, feel the rhythm, and be the spark while you take in the stream with our extensive collection of iconic albums, timeless classics, and thrilling memorabilia. Whether you’re a dedicated fan or new to the magic of rock ‘n’ roll, there’s something here for everyone.  Have you ever wondered which decades ignite your passion? At Rock And Roll Heaven, we’ve got you covered! As we grow, we will continue to showcase more elements of American Radio with Information, Education and Entertainment, seamlessly blending the content, informative articles, fascinating trivia and give-ways within a musical format that is continually shaping generations. Relive the unforgettable moments while staying in tune with today’s music landscape. Leave us a message on our studio line with your comments, suggestions or requests (352) 421-9733 or drop us an email jstklsx@gmail.com

The Influencers

Iconic groups like the Dominoes and the Spaniels, as much as a myriad of artists ignited a musical revolution by infusing gospel harmonies with edgy lyrics not only resonated with the black culture and multi-generational America, but became an inspiration for listeners across the world. A fusion giving birth to a genre that mesmerized hearts across every generation. At Rock And Roll Heaven, we celebrate those pioneers who paved the way for generations of musicians. Tap into their bold spirit and find inspiration that transcends time. Whether you’re a diehard fan or new to this exhilarating genre, let us take you on an unforgettable journey through the heart, soul and the blues of rock and roll.

Bringing back the Culture

Our dreams reach far beyond eight decades, and with your valued presence in this extraordinary journey, we aspire in creating a new emerging cultural mainstream that embraces a wondrous evolution in music and its presentation. Join us on this excursion through time as we showcase the electrifying energy that defined more than an era. Indulge in our meticulously curated selection of songs that evoke nostalgia, rebellion, love, and everything in between. Let your life-force soar as you embrace the spirit and soul of Rock And Roll Heaven Experience the power of music transcending generational boundaries – get ready to listen and interact with our platform, like it was … never before!
Don'T Worry About The Mule Going Blind, Just Take Hold Of The Line...the Mule Knows Where He'S Going
Mason Ramsey

Don’t Worry About The Mule Going Blind

If you have in your LIFE, never heard of the Southern Expression “Don’t worry about the mule going blind, just take hold of the line…the mule knows where he’s going”, well, I’m sure that you have never heard the one, “Stretched tighter than a gnat’s ass over a rain barrel!”

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Foreverland Back
Mason Ramsey

Henry Gross – A New Treat

If there were any of you listening on the radio last night, which would have been Thursday night the 29th of this glorious beginning of the

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Weekly Features



6-9 EST

Radio's Wild West Wednesdays

Radio’s Wild West Wednesdays (RWWW) – Country music programming that encompasses a wide genre of music that leads from the very beginnings of the classics. “MUSIC for the AGES steers the program on a creative musical path each and every time.



6-9 EST

Friday Night Feeling

Friday Night Feeling (FNFL) –  Music program of ‘This and That’ with a “MUSIC for the AGES” willing to engage an audience from ‘ALL WLKS of LIFE’ Covering varying degrees of music! We are working on keeping it real and personal, with a live personality willing to engage an audience on many levels.



6-9 EST

Saturday Night At The Oldies

Saturday Night at the Oldies (SNATO) –  a Music program of primarily the 70’s and 80’s with a Hodge podge of ‘MUSIC for the AGES that will be engaging an audience from ‘ALL WALKS of LIFE’ and willing to ‘CATCH the FLOW’ of music while embracing the ‘FEEL’ and WARMTH of an NEW SOUND for a loving audience.



6-9 EST

Juke Box Sunday Night

Juke Box Sunday Night (JBSN) – We play all the best music from the early 60’s!  This is modern music history 101.  Listening to the tunes in their original form which inspired some of the greatest musicians of our time!


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