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Nineteen Seventy Two

1972 Ben Joseph Campenella



President:   Richard Nixon
Vice President:   Spiro Agnew
Population of USA:       205,052,000 approx  (gain of 6,339,944 people in from 1970).
Life expectancy:  70.5 years
Unemployment 3.8%

Average Income $ 11,800.00
Minimum wage $ 1.40 per hour
Cost of new house $ 27,550.00
Cost of new car $ 4,785.00 (Dodge Colt)
Rent on 2 bedroom apt $ 165.00 per mo.
Cost of 1st class stamp $ .05
Cost of gallon of gas $ .55
Cost of gallon of gas $ .49
Price of gallon of milk $ 1.03
Price of Wranger jeans $ 12.00
Price of Timex watch $ 30.00 and up (Ladies dress watch)

NEWS of 1972

HBO launches (in USA) first subscription cable service

Richard Nixon orders the start of the Space Shuttle Program

The VW Beetle becomes the most popular car sold, over 15 million worldwide.

A 20 second earthquake (registering over 7.0 on Richter scale) hits Bingol Turkey.

5 Whitehouse operatives are arrested for burglarizing the offices of the Democratic National Committee, starting what was to become the Watergate Scandal.

Last of the US ground troops withdraw from Vietnam

The last major epidemic of smallpox breaks out in Yugoslavia.

The Dow Jones closes at over 1000 for the first time.

Ceylon becomes a republic and changes name to Sri Lanka.

American Swimmer, Mark Spitz wins 7 gold medals in the Munich Summer Olympics.

Japanese soldier Shoichi Yokoi is discovered in Guam….he has spent 28 years in the jungles, not knowing the war had ended.

Mariner 9 sends pictures from Mars for the first time

US Airlines begin MANDATORY inspections of passengers and luggage.

California revokes the Death penalty, commuting sentences to Life.

President Nixon makes 8 day trip to People’s Republic of China

British teen Timothy Davy (aged 14) is sentenced to jail in Turkey for selling cannabis.

Pioneer 10 is first man-made satellite to leave solar system

Mafioso Joe Gallo is shot dead in Little Italy NY (Umberto’s Clam house)

Sylvia Cook and John Fairfax finish ROWING across the Pacific Ocean.

Governor George C. Wallace is shot by Arthur Herman Bremer in Maryland.

The USA returns Okinawa, occupied since WWII, back to the government of Japan.

Jane Fonda tours N. Vietnam (and that is all I am going to say on that)

The first “Rainbow Gathering” is held in Colorado (gay rights rally)

Huge Solar Flare knocks out cable lines all over USA (lasts for 8 days) begins with sun spots on August 2, and continues with high levels of activity until August 10th.

Bobby Fisher defeats Boris Spassky in chess match in Reykjavik Iceland becoming the first American Chess Champion

Munich Olympics (11 Israeli athletes are murdered during games)

The first female FBI agents are hired.

The maiden flight of the Airbus A300

Recombinant DNA is conceived in a scientific meeting in Honolulu

President Nixon wins Presidential elections defeating Sen. George McGovern (lowest voter turnout ever, only 55% turnout)

Apollo 17 is launched with Gene Cernan, Ron Evans and Harrison Smith on board.  This will become the last mission to the moon (to date)

Australia records highest temp. in Queensland (121 Fahrenheit)

Steve Jobs graduates High School, but drops out after 1 semester of college.

First time women are admitted to Dartmouth College and Oxford University.

The Yellow River dries up for the first time in recorded history.

Women are allowed to compete in the Boston Marathon for the first time.

The National Zoo in  Washington DC receive Hsing-hsing and Ling-Ling the first Giant Pandas in America, as a gift from China……..we sent them a pair of Musk Oxen in exchange.

Cartoon “Frank and Ernest” is introduced

Coca-cola introduces “The real thing” inspired clothing (everything from bell-bottoms to backpacks with the coca-cola logo on it.

New inventions of 1972

Digital Watches are introduced

First scientific hand held calculators are for sale (the HP-35) for the introduction price of $395.00 each.

Atari kicks off the first generation Video Games with PONG.

Willem J Koiff invents the first successful artificial heart.

Optical Fiber is introduced in USA.

Celestial Seasonings Tea breaks into the tea market (manufactured in Colorado)

“HONK if you love JESUS” bumper stickers are popping up all over America in protest of drugs and hippie lifestyles.  The term “Jesus Freaks” is coined.


  • Taye Diggs-Actor
  • Jimmy Kimmel (born in Guillermo Mexico)
  • Billy Joe Armstrong (lead singer of Green Day)
  • Antonio Sabato-Italian actor
  • Shaquille O’Neal-basketball player (LAKERS)
  • Elvis Stojko-Canadian Ice skater
  • Jennie Garth-Actress
  • Jennifer Garner-Actress
  • Muttiah Muralitharaan-Sri Lankan cricketer
  • Carmen Electra-Actress/singer
  • The Rock (Dwayne Johnson)
  • Busta Rhymes-rapper
  • Wayne Brady-Comedian (host of “Don’t forget the lyrics”)
  • Elizabeth Berkley-Actress
  • Geri Halliwell (Spice Girl………Ginger spice)
  • Ben Affleck- Actor (or so they say)
  • Cameron Diaz-Actress
  • Chris Tucker-comedian and actor
  • Liam Gallager-singer (Oasis)
  • Gwyneth Paltrow-Actress
  • Eminem-rapper (real name Marshall Mathers)
  • Wyclef Jean-Haitian rapper
  • Brad Paisley-Country and Western Singer (play the fishing song!)
  • Gabrielle Union-Actress (Deliver us from Eva…..H.E. double Hockeysticks (Disney
  • Nikki Tyler-model/actress
  • Tre Cool-Drummer for Green Day (this is listed for Hillary Koppel)
  • Alyssa Milano-Actress
  • Jude Law-British actor

Famous Deaths in 1972

  • Maurice Chevalier (1888-1972) Actor/singer….starred in GIGI (thank heaven for little girls)
  • Mahalia Jackson (1911-1972) Singer
  • Walter Winchell (1897-1972) Journalist
  • M.C. Escher (1898-1972) Dutch abstract artist
  • George Plimpton (1889-1972) Writer
  • J. Egar Hoover (1895-1972) Director of the FBI
  • Dan Blocker (1928-1972) Actor “Hoss” on Bonanza
  • King Edward the VIII of England (1894-1972)
  • Louis Leakey (1903-1972) British paleontologist
  • Jackie Robinson (1919-1972) Baseball player
  • Charles Atlas –Famous strongman and sideshow performer
  • Harry S. Truman (1884-1972) 33rd President of the USA

What’s on TV in 1972  

  1. Monty Python’s Flying Circus (the best show ever!)  “I’m A lumberjack”  famous for “Spam, Spam Spam”
  2. Sesame Street
  3. Benny Hill Show
  4. The Brady Bunch
  5. Hawaii Five-O (book em Danno)
  6. Here’s Lucy
  7. The Bob Newhart Show
  8. Emergency
  9. Kung Fu
  10. M*A*S*H
  11. Maude
  12. The Rookies
  13. Sanford and Son
  14. The Streets of San Francisco (introducing Michael Douglas)
  15. The Waltons (goodnight John Boy)

EMMY Awards of 1972

  • Best Drama Elizabeth R  (PBS)  
  • Best Actor  Peter Falk “Columbo”  
  • Best Actress    Glenda Jackson “Elizabeth R”



Best Comedy All in the Family    

Actor    Carroll O’Connor “All in the Family”

Actress    Jean Stapleton “All in the Family”

Best Variety Show    The Carol Burnett Show

New Commercials

  • Alka-Seltzer “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing” and “I tried it, I thought I would die” commercials are big hit.
  • Quaker Oats “Let’s Get Mikey……….he won’t eat it, he hates everything”

TOP MOVIE $$Makers of 1972

  • The Godfather
  • Fiddler on the Roof
  • Diamonds are forever
  • What’s up Doc?
  • Dirty Harry
  • The Last Picture Show
  • A Clockwork Orange
  • Cabaret.


  • Best Picture    The French Connection
  • Best Actor    Gene Hackman “The French Connection
  • Best Supporting Actor      Ben Johnson “The Last Picture Show”
  • Best Actress    Jane Fonda “Klute”
  • Best Supporting Actress    Cloris Leachman “The Last Picture Show”
  • Best Song  The Theme from Shaft

Top Box Office Stars

  • Clint Eastwood
  • George C. Scott
  • John Wayne
  • Barbra Streisand
  • Marlon Brando
  • Paul Newman
  • Steve McQueen
  • Goldie Hawn

Newcomers of 1972

  • Al Pacino
  • Jeff Bridges
  • Joel Grey
  • Sandy Duncan
  • Timothy Bottoms
  • Madeline Kahn
  • Cybill Shepard
  • Malcom McDowell (Clockwork Orange)

Up and coming Musical Stars

  • Bette Midler (with Barry Manilow as her pianist and Music arranger)
  • America
  • Atlanta Rhythm Section
  • Jackson Browne
  • Doobie Brothers
  • Jim Croce
  • Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show (on the cover of the Rolling Stone)
  • Eagles
  • ELO
  • Donna Fargo
  • Seals and Croft
  • Paul Simon (solo)
  • Steely Dan
  • Styx

TOP 20 Billboard Songs of 1972  (all of these Hit #1)

  1. The first time I ever saw your face Roberta Flack
  2. Alone Again Gilbert O’Sullivan
  3. American Pie Don McLean
  4. Without You Nilsson
  5. I can see clearly now Johnny Nash
  6. A horse with no name America
  7. Baby don’t get hooked on me Mac Davis
  8. Me and Mrs. Jones Billy Paul
  9. The Candy Man Sammy Davis Jr.
  10. Lean on Me Bill Withers
  11. My Ding-a-ling Chuck Berry
  12. Brandy Looking Glass
  13. Let’s Stay Together Al Green
  14. I am Woman Helen Reddy
  15. I’ll Take you there The Staple Singers
  16. Heart of Gold Neil Young
  17. Oh Girl The Chi-lites
  18. Ben Michael Jackson
  19. Papa was a rolling stone The Temptations
  20. Song Sung Blue Neil Diamond

GRAMMY Winners of 1972

  • Song of the Year        The first time ever I saw your face       Roberta Flack  
  • Record of the Year        The first time ever I saw your face       Roberta Flack
  • Album of the Year        The Concert  For Bangladesh        George Harrison  
  • Best New Artist        America 


  • Vocal-Female            “I am woman” Helen Reddy   
  • Vocal-Male “Without you” Harry Nilsson 

Top hits in other Countries in 1972

  • New Zealand First time ever I saw your face Roberta Flack
  • South Africa I Can See Clearly now Johnny Nash
  • Australia Puppy Love Donny Osmond
  • Toronto Canada American Pie Don McLean
  • North Africa Run to Me The Bee Gee’s

Other Popular songs of 1972

  1. Rock and Roll part II Gary Glitter
  2. Popcorn Hot Butter
  3. Precious and few Climaxx
  4. Coconut Nilsson
  5. School’s out Alice Cooper
  6. Layla Derek and the Dominoes
  7. Goodbye to Love The Carpenters
  8. Burning Love Elvis
  9. Operator Jim Croce
  10. Nights in White Satin Moody Blues
  11. Anticipation Carly Simon
  12. Saturday in the Park Chicago
  13. Summer Breeze Seals and Croft
  14. Rockin’ Robin Michael Jackson
  15. Listen to the music The Doobie Brothers
  16. Take it Easy The Eagles
  17. Diamonds are forever Shirley Bassey
  18. Everybody plays the fool The Main Ingredient
  19. Morning has broken Cat Stevens
  20. Tupelo Honey Van Morrison
  21. If you don’t know me by now Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes
  22. You wear it well Rod Stewart
  23. Tiny Dancer Elton John
  24. Honky Cat Elton John
  25. Taxi Harry Chapin
  26. City of New Orleans Arlo Guthrie
  27. Long Cool woman The Hollies
  28. Bang a Gong T-Rex
  29. Hold your head up Argent
  30. Black and White Three Dog Night
  31. It Never rains in S. California Albert Hammond
  32. I just want to make love to you Foghat
  33. I saw the light Todd Rudgren
  34. Witchy Woman The Eagles
  35. Freddie’s Dead Curtis Mayfield (theme from Superfly)
  36. Delta Dawn Tanya Tucker
  37. America Simon & Garfunkle
  38. I Don’t Need No Doctor Riders of the Purple Sage
  39. Rocket man Elton John

Music Trivia for 1972

  • David Bowie’s “Ziggy Stardust” was voted Artist of 1972 (Rolling Stone mag)
  • Phonographic records are granted US Federal copyright protection for the first time.
  • George Carlin is arrested in Milwaukee Wisconsin for performing “7 words you can never say on television” (public obscenity).
  • CCR breaks up
  • Tom Fogerty goes solo
  • John Fogerty forms band The Blue Ridge Rangers.

“October 23, 1956, is a day that will live forever in the annals of free men and nations. It was a day of courage, conscience and triumph. No other day since history began has shown more clearly the eternal unquenchability of man’s desire to be free, whatever the odds against success, whatever the sacrifice required.”

– John F Kennedy
2000Px Billboard Logo.svg
1972 Jeremiah Johnson Robert Redford

Top 100 Songs For 1972


  1. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face Roberta Flack
  2. Alone Again (Naturally) Gilbert O’Sullivan
  3. American Pie Don McLean
  4. Without You Nilsson
  5. Candy Man Sammy Davis Jr.
  6. I Gotcha, Joe Tex
  7. Lean on Me Bill Withers
  8. Baby Don’t Get Hooked On Me Mac Davis
  9. Brand New Key Melanie
  10. Daddy Dont You Walk So Fast Wayne Newton
  11. Lets Stay Together Al Green
  12. Brandy (You’re A Fine Girl) Looking Glass
  13. Oh Girl Chi-Lites, The
  14. Nice To Be With You Gallery
  15. My Ding-A-Ling Chuck Berry
  16. If Loving You Is Wrong (Don’t Want) Luther Ingram
  17. Heart of Gold Neil Young
  18. Betcha by Golly, Wow Stylistics, The
  19. I’ll Take You There Staple Singers, The
  20. Ben Michael Jackson
  1. The Lion Sleeps Tonight Robert John
  2. Outa Space Billy Preston
  3. Slippin’ Into Darkness War
  4. Long Cool Woman (In A Black Dress) Hollies, The
  5. How Do You Do Mouth & MacNeal
  6. Song Sung Blue Neil Diamond
  7. A Horse with No Name America
  8. Popcorn Hot Butter
  9. Everybody Plays the Fool Main Ingredient, The
  10. Precious And Few Climax
  11. Last Night I Didn’t Get To Sleep at All 5th Dimension
  12. Nights in White Satin Moody Blues, The
  13. Go All The Way Raspberries, The
  14. Too Late To Turn Back Now Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose
  15. Back Stabbers O’Jays, The
  16. Down by the Lazy River Osmonds, The
  17. Sunshine Jonathan Edwards
  18. Starting All Over Again Mel & Tim
  19. Day After Day Badfinger
  20. Rocket Man Elton John
1972 Superfly Ron Oneil 3
1972 The Cowboys John Wayne Bruce Stern
  1. Rockin’ Robin Michael Jackson
  2. Beautiful Sunday Daniel Boone
  3. Scorpio Dennis Coffey &Detroit Guitar Band
  4. Morning Has Broken Cat Stevens
  5. The City Of New Orleans Arlo Guthrie
  6. Garden Party Rick Nelson
  7. I Can See Clearly Now Johnny Nash
  8. Burning Love Elvis Presley
  9. Clean Up Woman Betty Wright
  10. Hold Your Head Up Argent
  11. Jungle Fever Chakachas
  12. Everything I Own Bread
  13. In the Rain Dramatics, The
  14. Look What You Done For Me Al Green
  15. The Happiest Girl in the Whole U.S.A. Donna Fargo
  16. Bang A Gong (Get It On) T. Rex
  17. Mother and Child Reunion Paul Simon
  18. Where Is the Love Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway
  19. I’m Still in Love with You Al Green
  20. Layla Derek & the Dominos
  1. Day Dreaming, Aretha Franklin
  2. The Way of Love Cher
  3. Black And White Three Dog Night
  4. Sylvia’s Mother Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show
  5. Hurting Each Other Carpenters, The
  6. Coconut Nilsson
  7. Sealed With a Kiss Bobby Vinton
  8. Puppy Love Donny Osmond
  9. You Don’t Mess Around With Jim Jim Croce
  10. Hot Rod Lincoln Commander Cody/Lost Planet Airmen
  11. A Cowboy’s Work Is Never Done Sonny & Cher
  12. Joy Apollo 100
  13. Anticipation Carly Simon
  14. Never Been To Spain Three Dog Night
  15. Kiss an Angel Good Morning Charlie Pride
  16. School’s Out Alice Cooper
  17. Saturday in the Park Chicago
  18. Drowning In the Sea Of Love Joe Simon
  19. Use Me Bill Withers
  20. Family Affair Sly & the Family Stone
1972 The Mechanic Charles Bronson
1972 Whats Up Doc Ryan Oneil Barbara Streisand
  1. Troglodyte Jimmy Castor Bunch, The
  2. The Witch Queen of New Orleans Redbone
  3. Freddie’s Dead Curtis Mayfield
  4. Power of Love Joe Simon
  5. Ain’t Understanding Mellow Jerry Butler & Brenda Lee Eager
  6. Taxi Harry Chapin
  7. Don’t Say You Don’t Remember Beverly Bremers
  8. I Saw the Light Todd Rundgren
  9. Motorcycle Mama Sailcat
  10. Day By Day Godspell (Soundtrack)
  11. Roundabout Yes
  12. Doctor My Eyes Jackson Browne
  13. I’d Like To Teach the World to Sing New Seekers, The
  14. Vincent / Castles in the Air Don Mclean
  15. Baby Let Me Take You (In My Arms) Detroit Emeralds, The
  16. Speak To the Sky Rick Springfield
  17. I’d Like To Teach the World to Sing Hillside Singers, The
  18. Walking In the Rain with the One I Love Love Unlimited
  19. Good Foot, Pt. 1 James Brown
  20. Pop That Thang Isley Brothers, The

1972 In Pictures



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