Nineteen Fifty

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  • Elvis Presley’s First Hit “Heartbreak Hotel” is Released
  • Elvis Appears On The Ed Sullivan Show For The First Time
  • Elvis’s First Move Love Me Tender Opens In New York
  • Rocky Marciano Retires As The Only Undefeated Heavyweight Champion
  • Soviet Leader Nikita Khrushchev Denounces Stalin
  • Alabama Bus Segregation Laws Declared Illegal By The US Supreme Court
  • The Hungarian Revolution
  • The Price Is Right Debuts On Television

October 23, 1956, is a day that will live forever in the annals of free men and nations. It was a day of courage, conscience and triumph. No other day since history began has shown more clearly the eternal unquenchability of man’s desire to be free, whatever the odds against success, whatever the sacrifice required.

– John F Kennedy
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Fats Domino

Top 100 Songs For 1950


1.  The Fat Man     Fats Domino

2.  Please Send Me Someone To Love     Percy Mayfield

3.  Teardrops From My Eyes     Ruth Brown

4.  Mona Lisa     Nat “King” Cole

5.  Tennessee Waltz     Patti Page

6.  Long Gone Lonesome Blues     Hank Williams, Sr.

7.  Mardi Gras In New Orleans     Professor Longhair

8.  I’m Movin’ On     Hank Snow

9.  Rollin’ Stone     Muddy Waters

10.  Double Crossing Blues     Johnny Otis

11.  Moanin’ The Blues     Hank Williams, Sr.

12.  Pink Champagne     Joe Liggins

13.  Bad Bad Whiskey     Amos Milburn

14.  Count Every     Star Ravens, The

15.  Why Don’t You Love Me     Hank Williams, Sr.

16.  Goodnight, Irene     Weavers, The Gordon Jenkins Orch.

17.  Chattanoogie Shoe Shine Boy     Red Foley

18.  Oh Babe!     Louis Prima

19.  Love Don’t Love Nobody     Roy Brown

20.  Blue Light Boogie     Louis Jordan

21.  Bon Ton Roula     Clarence Garlow

22.  Bald Head     Roy Byrd

23.  Safronia B     Calvin Boze

24.  Rollin’ And Tumblin’     Muddy Waters

25.  Blue Shadows     Lowell Fulson

26.  Rag Mop     Doc Sausage & His Mad Lads

27.  Stack – A – Lee     Archibald

28.  Every Night About This Time     Fats Domino

29.  Carnival Day     Dave Bartholomew

30.  I Like My Baby’s Pudding     Wynonie Harris

31.  Nobody’s Lonesome For Me     Hank Williams, Sr.

32.  I Will Wait      Four Buddies, The

33.  Do Something For Me      Dominoes, The

34.  Cupid’s Boogie     Johnny Otis

35.  Oh Babe!     Wynonie Harris & Lucky Millinder

36.  Well Oh Well     Tiny Bradshaw

37.  Hard Luck Blues     Roy Brown

38.  Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere     Joe Morris

39.  I’ll Never Be Free     Paul Gayten

40.  I Need You So     Ivory Joe Hunter21. Bon Ton Roula Clarence Garlow

Muddy Waters
Wynonie Harris

41.  Information Blues     Roy Milton

42.  Little Red Rooster     Griffin Brothers, The

43.  If You’ve Got The Money Honey    Lefty Frizzell

44.  Shotgun Boogie     Tennessee Ernie Ford

45.  Everyday I Have The Blues     Lowell Fulson

46.  Tee – Nah – Nah     Smiley Lewis

47.  Why Do Things Happen To Me     Roy Hawkins

48.  Cadillac Baby     Roy Brown

49.  Rock Mr. Blues     Wynonie Harris

50.  She Walks Right In     Professor Longhair

51.  Rockin’ With Red     Piano Red

52.  Nevertheless     Mills Brothers, The

53.  Mistrustin’ Blues     Johnny Otis

54.  Still In The Dark     Joe Turner

55.  Louisiana Blues     Muddy Waters

56.  Good Morning Judge    Wynonie Harris

57.  I Don’t Have To Ride No More     Ravens, The

58.  Big Fat Mamas Are Back In Style     Bullmoose Jackson

59.  Breaking Up The House     Tiny Bradshaw

60.  Hey La Bas Boogie     Fats Domino

61.  Ain’t Gonna Do It     Dave Bartholomew

62.  Chicken Blues     Dominoes, The

63.  Raining In My Heart    Peppermint Harris

64.  S.P. Blues     Ivory Joe Hunter

65.  Long About Sundown     Roy Brown

66.  Detroit City Blues    Fats Domino

67.  I’m Going To Have Myself A Ball     Tiny Bradshaw

68.  C.C. Baby     Brownie McGhee

69.  Mr. Blues Is Coming To Town     Wynonie Harris

70.  Deceivin’ Blues     Johnny Otis

71.  Saturday Night Boogie Woogie Man     Jimmy Liggins

72.  Hot Rod Race     Tiny Hill

73.  Little Bee     Fats Domino

74.  Daddy’s Little Girl     Mills Brothers, The

75.  I Just Don’t Like This Kind Of Livin’     Hank Williams, Sr.

76.  At Night     Orioles, The

77.  Rockin’ Blues     Johnny Otis

78.  Sax Shack Boogie     Amos Milburn

79.  Lonesome Christmas     Lowell Fulson

80.  That’s All Right     Jimmy Rogers

Ivory Joe Hunter
Dinah Washington

81.  My Foolish Heart     Billy Eckstine

82.  I Wanna Be Loved     Dinah Washington

83.  Shotgun Blues    Lightnin’ Hopkins

84.  Sitting By The Window    Billy Eckstine with the Quartones

85.  Sad Journey Blues    Floyd Dixon

86.  My Baby’s Gone    Charles Brown

87.  Keep Your Hands On Your Heart     Billy Wright

88.  It Isn’t Fair    Dinah Washington

89.  Let’s Do It    Sticks McGhee

90.  Go Back To The One You Love     T – Bone Walker

91.  Turkey Hop     Johnny Otis

92.  Walkin’ Blues    Amos Milburn

93.  Mother Earth    Memphis Slim

94.  I Love My Baby     Larry Darnell

95.  Everybody’s Somebody’s Fool    Lionel Hampton

96.  I’m So Crazy For Love    Cap – Tans, The

97.  Is My Heart Wasting Time    Orioles, The

98.  Million Dollar Secret    Helen Humes

99.  Our Father (Which Art In Heaven)     Five Blind Boys, The

100.  Cry, Cry Baby     Ed Wiley

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