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Nineteen Fifty Two

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  • Elvis Presley’s First Hit “Heartbreak Hotel” is Released
  • Elvis Appears On The Ed Sullivan Show For The First Time
  • Elvis’s First Move Love Me Tender Opens In New York
  • Rocky Marciano Retires As The Only Undefeated Heavyweight Champion
  • Soviet Leader Nikita Khrushchev Denounces Stalin
  • Alabama Bus Segregation Laws Declared Illegal By The US Supreme Court
  • The Hungarian Revolution
  • The Price Is Right Debuts On Television

October 23, 1956, is a day that will live forever in the annals of free men and nations. It was a day of courage, conscience and triumph. No other day since history began has shown more clearly the eternal unquenchability of man’s desire to be free, whatever the odds against success, whatever the sacrifice required.

– John F Kennedy
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Hank Williams

Top 100 Songs For 1952


1.  Lawdy Miss Clawdy     Lloyd Price

2.  Jambalaya (On The Bayou)     Hank Williams, Sr.

3.  Have Mercy Baby     Dominoes, The

4.  One Mint Julep     Clovers, The

5.  Night Train     Jimmy Forrest

6.  My Song     Johnny Ace

7.  Goin’ Home     Fats Domino

8.  Moody Mood For Love     King Pleasure

9.  Juke    Little Walter

10.  Baby Don’t Do It    5 Royales, The

11.  5-10-15 Hours    Ruth Brown

12.  I Don’t Know    Willie Mabon

13.  I Believe     Elmore James

14.  Rock The Joint    Bill Haley with the Saddlemen

15.  K.C. Lovin’     Little Willie Littlefield

16.  Ting-A-Ling     Clovers, The

17.  You Win Again     Hank Williams, Sr.

18.  The Bells     Dominoes, The

19.  Dream Girl     Jesse & Marvin

20.  No More Doggin’     Rosco Gordon

21.  That’s What You’re Doing To Me     Dominoes, The

22.  I’d Be Satisfied     Dominoes, The

23.  I’m Gone     Shirley & Lee

24.  I’ll Drown In My Tears     Sonny Thompson

25.  The Wild Side Of Life     Hank Thompson

26.  Honky Tonk Blues     Hank Williams, Sr.

27.  Five Long Years     Eddie Boyd

28.  She Moves Me     Muddy Waters

29.  Big Ten Inch Record     Moose Jackson

30.  Heavenly Father     Edna McGriff with Buddy Lucas

31.  I’ll Never Get Out Of This World Alive     Hank Williams, Sr.

32.  You Know I Love You     B.B. King

33.  Rocket 69     Todd Rhodes

34.  Hey Miss Fannie     Clovers, The

35.  Wheel Of Fortune     Kay Starr

36.  It Wasn’t God (Honky Tonk Angels)     Kitty Wells

37.  Settin’ The Woods On Fire     Hank Williams, Sr.

38.  Middle Of The Night     Clovers, The

39.  Beside You     Swallows, The

40.  Sad Hours     Little Walter

Eddie Boyd
Dinah Washington

41.  My Story     Chuck Willis

42.  Nine Below Zero     Sonny Boy Williamson

43.  High Noon     Tex Ritter

44.  Sweet Sixteen     Joe Turner

45.  I Played The Fool     Clovers, The

46.  Half As Much     Hank Williams, Sr.

47.  Keep On Churnin’     Wynonie Harris

48.  Mailman Blues     Lloyd Price

49.  New Blowtop Blues     Dinah Washington

50.  Walkin’ My Baby Back Home     Nat “King” Cole

51.  The Bells Are Ringing      Smiley Lewis

52.  Daddy Daddy     Ruth Brown

53.  The Glow Worm     Mills Brothers, The

54.  Red Sails In The Sunset     Five Keys, The

55.  Please Mr. Sun     Johnnie Ray

56.  Don’t You Cry     Joe Turner

57.  Gabbin’ Blues     Big Maybelle

58.  I’m Gonna Play The Honky Tonks     Marie Adams

59.  Mary Jo     Four Blazes, The

60.  My Ding-A-Ling     Dave Bartholomew

61.  Story From My Heart And Soul     B.B. King

62.  A Beggar For Your Kisses     Diamonds, The

63.  Mean Old World     Little Walter

64.  Every Beat Of My Heart     Royals, The

65.  You Belong To Me     Orioles, The

66.  I Only Have Eyes For You     Swallows, The

67.  Rock Me All Night Long     Ravens, The

68.  So Tired     Roy Milton

69.  Poor Poor Me     Fats Domino

70.  Can’t Do Sixty No More     Du Droppers, The

71.  Serve Another Round     Five Keys, The

72.  How Long     Fats Domino

73.  Take All Of Me     5 Royales, The

74.  Roll Mr. Jelly    Amos Milburn

75.  Oooh-Oooh-Oooh     Lloyd Price

76.  Pedal Pushin’    Papa Dominoes

77.  Bad News Baby (No Rockin’ Tonight)     Wynonie Harris

78.  Hard Times     Charles Brown

79.  Kissa Me Baby     Ray Charles

80.  Trouble In Mind     Dinah Washington

Fats Domino

81.  Kiss Of Fire     Billy Eckstine

82.  Night And Day (I Miss You So)     Roy Milton

83.  Rocking On Sunday Night     Treniers, The

84.  Call Operator 210     Floyd Dixon

85.  Courage To Love     5 Royales, The

86.  Street Walking Woman     T – Bone Walker

87.  All Night Long     Muddy Waters

88.  Aged And Mellow     Little Esther

89.  Gumbo Blues     Smiley Lewis

90.  Soft     Tiny Bradshaw

91.  Saturday Night Daddy     Little Esther & Bobby Nunn

92.  The Last Of The Good Rockin’ Men     Four Jacks, The

93.  Your Daddy’s Doggin’ Around     Todd Rhodes

94.  I’ll Be Gone     Fats Domino

95.  Mainliner     Little Esther

96.  The Wolf Is At Your Door     Howlin’ Wolf

97.  Moonrise      Royals, The

98.  You’re My Inspiration     Five Crowns, The

99.  You’re Part Of Me     Four Buddies, The

100.  It’s So Peaceful     Smiley Lewis

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